Thursday, 5 May 2016

To Vote or not to Vote?

To Vote or not to Vote?

For me there’s no question

It’s Thursday 5 May 2016. Election day for the London Mayor and London Assembly.
I voted in the general election of 2015. I had after a long time become engaged with the voting part of the political process once more. But I had no intention of voting today and therefore have not and will not. What happened?

Well it’s simple really - I’m never going to vote Tory and although I actually saw a very interesting interview today with George Galloway, (I think his best ever), on the Not For The Radio Show on YouTube I wasn't going to vote for Respect. Which leaves only one choice.
Well let’s be honest anyoen who know me at all knows I lean to the left. But that’s where the probelm lies for me, let me explain...

The two main candidates in the running - Sadiq Khan and Zac Goldsmith

I’m not going to pretend I‘ve been following the race - so this shouldn’t too long but what little I have seen leads me to believe, that for my liking at least, there’s not enough clear blue water between Khan and Goldsmith for me to be that interested.

I was talking to a friend earlier who said that the Mayor in London doesn't have that much influence - I don't really agree with that. The ‘Boris’ bikes, the cycle lanes - I cycle so those type of things affect. But honestly I just don’t believe the two main candidates have my best interests at heart. London i s playground for the world’s rich, the position of Mayor now seems a little bit like the gatekeeper to that playground letting little rich kids while the natives look on.

I understand the arguments so many make about voting being a right that people have fought for us to have this right, or the fact that in some societies people don't get to vote, or that if you;re not involved in the process you can’t complain about the outcome. However for me the bottom line is that when the choice is between the devil and the deep blue sea there really isn't a choice.

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